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Kitsune Japanese Art

Our gallery is devoted to Japanese art reflecting the inner soul of Japan. The items we select are primarily of native taste. We aim to embody Japanese culture and its rich tradition through different art forms… exploring the beauty in daily life characterized by simplicity that is unpretentious and original. Our selection encompasses tea ceremony art, folk art, scholar art, samurai art and religious art.  

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22-25 November 2018, Koelnmesse

At all times, in all cultures and in all genres of art there have been a few people who create something truly exceptional: masterpieces, that outlive the change of time and fascinate art lovers for generations.

At Cologne Fine Art you can find highlights of all epochs of art and design history. Selected galleries and art dealers present carefully chosen objects: exhibitors become curators. If you are looking for new inspirations, you come to Cologne.


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Welcome to Kitsune!

Kitsune is an art gallery based in Brussels (Sablon area), Belgium, founded in 1998. We offer a wide range of Japanese art:

  • Ceramics. Tea ceremony items (chawan, chaire, hanaire, kogo...), koro, ishizara, andonzara, tokkuri, guinomi, hibachi.
  • Carvings. Divine art (Shinto & Buddhism), okimono, netsuke, noh masks.
  • Lacquer Ware. Inro & other sagemono, kogo, suzuribako, fubako, kobako, natsume, chawan, chabako.
  • Paintings. Kakemono & byobu.
  • Metalwork. Bronzes, mixed metal artworks, tsuba, menuki, fuchi-kashira, kozuka, nihonto, jizai okimono & other items for display.
  • Bamboo. Basketry & contemporary artworks.
  • Porcelain. Kutani, Imari, Kakiemon, Arita, Nabeshima, Seto, Okayama, Nagoya.
  • Furniture. Tansu, shelves, dai, hibachi.

The selection on display goes beyond any specific timeline, offering both antique and contemporary art, carefully selected for the purity of design as opposed to contrived technical intricacy.

Please see our online catalog or visit our gallery. We will be happy to guide you through our collection.

If you cannot find a suitable item in our catalog, please contact us for any special requests.