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The design of this kogo is referred to as "Suminoe", alluding to a poem by Fujiwara no Toshiyuki and executed in Korin style. It appears to have been used in a highly prestigious tea ceremony held at Gesshoken tea house within Gokokuji temple complex. Items in this tea ceremony included works of art by Honnami Koetsu, Nonko (raku), Naosuke... This kogo comes with a box signed "Choukan".
Size: Base 6 cm x 6 cm, H 4,5 cm

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A marvelous executed design of foliage in raised black lacquer with silver powder intrusion on a red lacquer background. The interior and back side in black lacquer with sparsely sprinkled silver hirame. The border finished with "ginpun dame" (a dull silver powdered layer). Signed Isao Fuyuki (1927—2001), applied in white lacquer on the inside of the lid. This item comes with a tomobako (artist's box).
Size: 30,5 cm x 25,5 cm

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Koma hibachi (hand warmer version) dating back to the late Edo / early Meiji-period (ca 1860 - 1880). With green, red, gold and black lacquer bands. Condition: slightly worn surface, lower gold band recoated with fundame.
Size: H 24 cm - D 24,5 cm

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Early Meiji-period (1868 - 1912) chabako in raden (iridescent pearl shell).
Size: H 12cm - W 12,7 cm - L 18,5 cm

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A lacquer kogo with inlaid dragron fly executed in mother-of-pearl by Kinsa Kawabata from Osaka. Showa-period, ca 1970. Signed and stored in a tomobako (original signed wooden box).
Size: D 9 cm